Life in a Leo Episode 17: Failure

May 11, 2018

Life in a Leo Episode 17: Failure

This week was another solo episode. Next week I will be back with an interview so stay tuned. 

The topic for this week was inspired by an experience I had when I was volunteering for an organization I feel passionately about. I was asked to work at a phone bank and it was one of the most frustrating experiences I have had. I wasn't even asking for money, but people just didn't want to hear what I had to say. This experience left me feeling rejected and frustrated. I felt like I had failed the organization. 

I was also inspired by the #gymnasticsfailchallenge. This viral movement has humanized all these gymnasts but also provided us with lots of comedy. I believe everyone is posting moments where they aren't hurt and able to walk away from the fail, so that's good.

Hope you enjoy my thoughts and take something positive away from what I share. We would love to hear from you, so please message me - 
Good luck to everyone competing this weekend!   And don't forget to point your toes :)


Mara Titarsolej sharing some beam fails - @maratitarsolej

@eljosamx - hanging on by the t-shirt

Fjóla Guðrún Viðarsdóttir - Icelandic gymnast gymnast @fjolagudrunvidars

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Life in a Leo Episode 30: Interview with Ana Villela
Life in a Leo Episode 30: Interview with Ana Villela

August 10, 2018

Happy Friday! This week I had a great interview with level 5 gymnast, Ana Villela. Ana was so fun to talk to. Her passion and excitement for the sport of gymnastics are contagious. She has only been in the sport for four years but has continued to grow and progress. Ana is so focused and such a hard-working young athlete. We discuss Ana's favorite college gymnastics team, UCLA, and how attending the camp and meeting the team have continued to inspire her through her day-to-day training. We also discuss some of Ana's goals, greatest achievements so far, and things Ana likes to do outside of gymnastics. Tune in to learn even more, and don't forget to let us know what you think. You can always reach me at with any feedback you want to share. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Keep working hard, stay focused and don't forget to point your toes.

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Life in a Leo Episode 29: Quick reflection on peaking at the right time
Life in a Leo Episode 29: Quick reflection on peaking at the right time

August 03, 2018

I've been having issues getting my interviews to record well and so this week I had to come up with a quick alternative. I'm working on getting it fixed so hopefully next week I can share the interview that was planned for today. 
Today, I talk a little bit about what it means to peak at the right time. This is not something I thought much about as an athlete. I'm wondering if it's something coaches discuss and work harder towards now and have a better understanding of how to train for it. As an adult, I clearly can see when it happens or doesn't. Some examples I share in this episode are Morgan Hurd's timing for making the World's Team and the UCLA gymnastics team winning NCAA National Championships this year. 
Do your coaches focus on timing things right for you as an athlete? How do they do that and what do you think about to make sure you are healthy and at your best throughout season. Let us know Have a great weekend and don't forget to point your toes!

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Life in a Leo Episode 28: The GK US Classic in Columbus, OH
Life in a Leo Episode 28: The GK US Classic in Columbus, OH

July 27, 2018

In this solocast, I provide the 10 (actually 11) things I'm going to be watching for at the US Classic this weekend. It's also the Hopes Championships. We are so excited to see all these amazing athletes get out there and compete. They've been working so hard and it is exciting to see it all coming together.

Remember, the Juniors need to get a 51 to qualify to National Championships and Senior Elites need a 52. Some of the athletes have already qualified but most have not. 

Some of the gymnasts discussed in the episode include Konnor McClain, MG Elite (Zoe Gravier and Olivia Greaves), GAGE (Aleah Finnegan, Alexis Jeffrey, Leanne Wong and JaFree Scott), Sunisa Lee, Katelyn Rosen, Sophia Butler, Simone Biles, The Gymcastic Podcast, Olivia Dunne, Jordan Chiles, Ragan Smith, Morgan Hurd, Jade Carey, Ashton Locklear, Riley McCusker, Shilese Jones, Levi Jung-Ruivivar and Hezly Rivera (via a shout out from @gymnast_nateianna). 

Have a great weekend and don't forget to point your toes!

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