Life in a Leo Episode 14: Interview with some UC Davis Alumni

April 20, 2018

Life in a Leo Episode 14: Interview with some UC Davis Alumni

This is a very special episode. It's the first time I interviewed a group of people. In addition, these were three of my teammates at UC Davis. Meghan was two years ahead of me and Flora and Lynn was a year younger. We discuss our growth in the sport throughout our time in college, the camaraderie of our team and how we never fully got closer even after we graduated. We also discuss some of our most memorable moments and leotards. It was so fun talking to these ladies and learning more about how gymnastics has impacted and influenced their lives. I hope you enjoy it!


Here are some of the career highlights of each of the three gymnasts I interviewed:

Flora is a 9 time All American, USAG Collegiate Nationals AA, 2001, MPSF Gymnast of the week and NCAA Regional Qualifier. In addition, Flora shares the UC Davis school record for Vault and Floor.

Lynn is a 3 time All American, 2003 USAG Collegiate Nationals Vault Champion, NCAA Regional qualifier, and part of the 39.00 and over AA group. After graduating from UC Davis, Lynn has worked as a Professor, performed in Cirque du Soleil Ka, and an Environmental Scientist. 

Meghan was part of the 1999 USAG Collegiate Nationals Championship team. Since graduating, Meghan has a Masters in Education from Stanford University and has taught High School Science and Chemistry. 

Flora on beam 2003 season

Flora on beam

Flora performing in London at the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremonies

In the London Eye at Olympic opening ceremonies 2012

Lynn doing handstands at the beach

Handstands at the beach

Lynn in her signature Cirque du Soleil makeup

Cirque du Soleil

Meghan in the UC Davis Aggie Newspaper

Meghan tumbling on beam

Meghan leaping on beam in 2000

Meghan leaping on beam

2002 Intersquad with Lynn, Flora, and Rebecca

Intersquad 2001

The infamous Millenial/Galactic leotard - performing at a basketball game

Millennial galactic leotards

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Life in a Leo Episode 37: Interview with Level 7 gymnast Anabelle
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Are you watching World Championships? What do you think? What are your favorite moments so far? You can send us an email at or you can reach us on Instagram, @Rebeccasmomleo. We hope to hear from you :)
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Good luck to everyone competing this weekend. Hope you have a great meet! And good luck to Team USA at World Championships. Can't wait to watch all the amazing athletes in Doha. 
If you want more info or have other ideas, you can reach us on Instagram - @Rebeccasmomleo or by email - Hope you have a great weekend and don't forget to point your toes!

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