Rebecca's Mom and Books are pleased to present this selection of books for our visitors. We've compiled a list of books that we think you'll enjoy and find useful. If we are missing a new book or you think there is a book we should carry, please email Rebecca's Mom. To purchase a book at a discount of 10% to 30%, click the "Order link", which will take you right to Amazon's order form. You won't be committed to your purchase until you enter your credit card information. If you have questions about Amazon's ordering, please contact Amazon orders. Thanks, and enjoy the books.

Kim Zmeskal: Determination to Win: A Biography
by Krista Quiner; paperback

Shannon Miller: America's Most Decorated Gymnast: A Biography
by Krista Quiner; paperback

Going For The Gold: Shannon Miller
by Septima Green; paperback

Dominique Moceanu: An American Champion; An Autobiography
by Dominique Moceanu, et al; hardcover

Dominique Moceanu: A Gymnastics Sensation
by Krista Quiner; paperback

Magnificent Seven: The Authorized Story of American Gold
by Nancy H. Kleinbaum, et al; hardcover

by Michael J. Alter; hardcover

Athlete's Cookbook
by USA Gymnastics; paperback

Beginning Gymnastics
by Julie Jensen, Andy King (photographer); library binding

Gymnastics (The Fantastic Book Of)
by Lloyd Readhead, Catherine Ward

Women's Gymnastics a History: 1966 - 1974
by Minot Simons; hardcover

Gymnastics Fun & Games
by Patty Hacker, Ph.D., Eric Malmberg, Jim Nance

Gymnastics - Balancing Acts
by Christina Lessa

by Dan Gutman; paperback

Teaching Developmental Gymnastics: Skills to Take Through Life
by Garland O'Quinn; paperback

I Can Do Gymnastics: Essential Skills for Intermediate Gymnasts
by USA Gymnastics; paperback

Gymnastics: A Guide for Parents and Athletes
by Rik Feeney; paperback

Rhythmic Gymnastics
by Michi Fujimoto, Valerie Costantino (illustrator); paperback

Training Nutrition: The Diet and Nutrition Guide for Peak Performance
by Edmund R. Burke, Ph.D., Jacqueline R. Berning, Ph.D., paperback

"The Nutrition Bible: The Comprehensive, No-Nonsense Guide to Foods, Nutrients, Additives, Preservatives, Pollutants and Everything Else We Eat and Drink"
by Jean Anderson, Barbara Deskins